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Triple Ring Tech Reviews

Along with having fun in our visit to Triple Ring Tech, we got a lot of design feedback. This feedback was given to us from professionals in the area, and I will list a few:

  • Put the metal arm holder in the center

  • There will be more space on both sides for grabbing

  • Put a weight or extrusion sticking out behind the actual arm

  • There will be a balance, and may solve our gravity problem

  • Find the limits for the arm can or cannot go

  • Have a washer with teeth if the servo problem keeps acting up

  • Something sticky on the claw so it will grab better

  • Phone holder sticky stuff

  • Rubber bands

  • Rubber attachments (I saw on the website)

  • Rubber bands/springs connecting two sides of the claw

  • Servo power to expand, and release power

  • Rubber band contracts, making a solid grip

  • Move the control hub down for more space

  • Move the wires into the U channels to make the robot look more organized

  • Use the claw to push up the robot

  • Can use to get over the barrier

  • Put the skeleton of the robot higher than the wheels

  • Like a jeep (beep beep)

  • Drill holes into the channel for more places to put screws

  • more attachments

We are now working on ways to complete this laundry list so that we can improve our robot.

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