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"FIRST" FTC Competition of the Season!

On December 4th, we attended our first FTC qualifier of this season! We started strong with a successful judges presentation, where we collaborated and explained our journey. While waiting for our matches to begin, we were constantly on the practice field making last-minute edits to our program and practicing driving.

Unfortunately, our robot's linear slide slipped a few times that day, causing our arm to stop moving up and down. Despite facing this issue, we persevered and worked through the issue! At the end of the day, we were awarded runner-up for the Connect Award! With just one week in between plays, we are reviewing and implementing feedback as quickly as possible. We learnt a lot from this experience and can't wait for our second play!

Although we have only a week till the next qualifier, we have IMMENSELY improved our game and we are ready to compete, have fun, and win!

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