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Lego Replay Donation Drive...#2

As you may remember (if not just look at the previous blog post), we hosted a Lego Replay Donation Drive at our school last year. It was an AMAZING success. Because of that, we decided to do it again.

Our drive originally lasted from September 12 - September 30. However, we did not get the same hype as the previous year. We only collected around 2-3 boxes worth of legos. :'(

So we decided to extend the date even further till October 14 and publicized and advertised even more, this time to adults. We sent messages about our drive to multiple parents of kids in our school notifying them of an opportunity to donate unused legos sitting idle at their houses to kids who can use them.

We got a huge success once again collecting 8 boxes!!!! Thank you to all that donated!

We wanted to publicize our Drive + FIRST even further so we made an article for our local newspaper talking about our drive and FIRST. This reached out to EIGHT different cities!!!

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