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Say Hi to the Garage😁, Say Bye to the Spike Proj☹

On October 23, Yojana, Adrit, & I (Aditi), came to the new garage. You see, we used to meet at Amritha's garage but now are meeting at Rishabh's garage because of certain circumstances. When we arrived, we started with the robot. Each of us took turns controlling the robot & making it pick up a rubber duck & place it on the shipping hub. After that, Yojana & I were organizing last year's Spike Kit. We are giving away our old Spike Kit to a younger team so that they can use it. Before we give it to them, however, we will have to organize all the pieces & keep them in their assigned places. While we are sad to let go our memories, we are also glad that the legos are being put to good use. When Yojana & I were both organizing the Spike Kit, Adrit was working on the robot. We were having trouble getting the robot to go drive over the barrier (black bar thing on pic 2) without dropping the item on the arm. The worst part is that the barrier is quite bumpy & raises a bit off the ground, creating a slope. After working on it, we managed to make it sporadically work. We will further continue to try to make it work consistently.

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