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"FIRST" Blog of the Year!!!!!! - Strategizing (post made by Aditi)

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

While this isn't our "FIRST" meeting, this is our "FIRST" blog this year! We're SO excited to tackle on this year. There has been a change, however. Not a very happy one. Meera has left the team!!!! While we are sad to see her go, as she was such a valuable team member who brought fun, liveliness, and worth ethic, we aren't going to quit. So thank you Meera for wonderful years with us. Have a great life wherever (I'm kidding she's not gone, we still talk to her daily).

Our goal is to do EVEN better than last year. But to do that, we need a game plan. A strategy.

This year's theme is called "Power Play." If you'd like to further explore the FTC game board, click this link.

We met on September 25 to discuss our plan for this year robot game-wise. We planned out our steps and goals for each week. Then we moved on to the design.

Our main goal that day was to figure out how to extend our arm. Looking at past designs of teams such as the Legitbots, we decided to make a linear slide so that our arm can extend.

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